What We Do

Your brand is not just your identity, but it’s what sets you apart from the competition. How you tell your story is key. From stunning photography, to engaging videos, to writing that connects with any audience, our network of professionals will help you reveal the most authentic representation possible of you to any target audience. Our thorough intake and content audit include an interview, questionnaire, and a detailed analysis of your current content. After obtaining and analyzing your current brand, we’ll recommend and develop the assets you need for a successful campaign and overall digital presence. We’ll then verify that you are satisfied with our development, and explain how each component will be used during the course of your campaign, as well as advise how these assets can be used independently. A properly aligned, developed, and shared brand can unlock doors for you and  propel you through them. Some of our previous ideas include Facebook Live concerts, master classes, twitter Q&A expert panels, digital treasure hunts, contests, and so much more. Think beyond your daily posts with On Deck.

Media placements are one of the most valuable ways to raise awareness about what you’re up to. Our custom media plans maximize impact by examining every angle of your story while keeping your results focused and relevant. Our experience publicists have connections in TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, podcasts, and other media, and they’re persistent in establishing new relationships and providing added value. Successful publicity campaigns will not only boost your credibility, but amplify your impact by raising awareness in new target audiences and strategic relationships that you hadn’t previously been exposed to. Previous placements include ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Modern Drummer, WIRED, USA Today, The Washington Post, Modern Drummer, and countless others. Contact us for a deeper look at our outstanding results.

Social media is where people go to discover more about your brand. Reach the potential of your digital presence with these valuable assets. Whether you’re building you presence from the ground up or in search of advanced programming, On Deck is here to help. Our team of professionals know that social media is more than just a numbers game. Its about garnering a following that is truly engaged in what your content. By setting a strong foundation and branching out to high level programming that merge physical and digital worlds, our social media tiers are built to match your definition of success.

This is your moment! We’re here to help you make a statement that matters. Through our comprehensive media coaching service, we’ll show you how to make an impact in today’s media landscape, and how to capitalize on any opportunity from any target audience. Be prepared for any situation with our extensive messaging and coaching programs. Whether you’re trying to shed stage fright with our meditation programs and you’re already media-savvy ways are inviting tougher questions, our team will give your the skills and confidence to take on any crowd, and messaging that will set you apart from the pack.

We’re here to sweat the small stuff. Every element of you event is taken care of through our event planning service. With creative execution down to the last detail, our robust database of vendors and event veterans can conceptualize and plan event with any time, budget, and scale – not to mention take care of any emergency that comes your way! From training camps to networking events with high level influencers, our team know exactly how to capture the mission of your event and express it in every detail.

Great design is a visual expression of you are. Whether you need a logo created from scratch or you’re looking to overhaul your website, our incredible design team is here to translate your vision from an idea to a reality. Our team addresses the pain points that complex design can bring, like off brand execution, lengthy turn around times, and budgets that spiral out of control. Contact us today and we’ll connect you with the designer who best reflects your vision and is eager to achieve shared success.