ON DECK IC. Where breakthroughs happen.

On Deck IC is where breakthroughs happen for bands, brands, and athletes. We know that you’re ready for what’s next, and our network of relentlessly committed professionals is the catalyst that will get you there.

Your needs aren’t formulaic, and neither is the solution that holds the most potential for you. The days of building effective campaigns solely on branding, public relations, marketing, or advertising are over. We elevate your success by pulling the right instruments from across the entire communications toolbox and building a custom plan for you specifically. We aren’t interested in finding “a best fit.” We are only interested in finding your best fit.

Our name wears a double-edged meaning. One points to the on-deck circle. We’re here to help you prepare for your at-bat, and to maximize your time at the plate. You have the talent, passion, and drive. We’re the team that will help you achieve your desired outcomes. Your results are our results, and we like to win. On Deck is also a nod to the “all hands on deck” concept. It takes a village to raise a band, brand, or athlete in today’s entertainment industry. Our community of experts and resources knows exactly how to help.

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