Brands We Love: Takara Belmont

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I’ve had the recent privilege to work with Takara Belmont, a leader in beaut, men’s grooming, spa, and dental equipment. One thing that I immediately try to identify with a brand is what’s unique about their story, and Takara Belmont has a truly incredible one. From the product perspective, they have an unrelenting commitment to craftsmanship. Nearly every part of the process is done by the hands of brilliantly talented artists, some of which are Broadway seamstresses outside of their work at Takara Belmont. They take such incredible pride in their work that they even initial their chairs once they’re completed. They don’t just outperform the competition, they operate on a completely different plane.

Some simple but key ways to evaluate what is unique about your story are:

  • Identify the main reason you do what you do.
  • Evaluate what advantages your product or service has over it’s competitors AND the reason that’s true.
  • Forecast your goals and vision for your brand and isolate what key components in your brand are leading you there.

Pro Tip: Explain your brand to your grandmother. You’ll make it as simple as possible.